When you first see the book you can't help but wonder what's inside. With no graphics, all black, and only a title and author's name on the front cover, the importance of the book is felt.

With the title "101 Things A Black Man Should Know" what is inside? Exactly that, 101 things a Black man should know.

The idea behind the book is to share information with Black men that is crucial for empowerment. With self confidence, pride, responsibility, education and most importantly love, Black men can erase the self destructive cycle way to common in the Black community.

This book provides a list of 101 things that should be common knowledge to all Black men.

From the back cover:
Today, Black men not only have to deal with racial issues from other races but with the self destructive expectancies imposed on them by their own race.

As author Woodard puts it, “The Black man’s willingness to accept ignorance as a form of art or a lifestyle is sending the wrong message to the youths and causing many Black men to move backward instead of forward.”

This book is a list of what should be common knowledge to all Black men despite their social or economical standings. The days of blaming the White man for all the Black man’s issues is over.

By tackling the issues of education, government fairness, self awareness and the re-establishment of the Black culture, this book is for all Black men.

Intended to be a quick read, inside you will find a list of 101 Things A Black Man Should Know, with supporting paragraphs detailing why each topic is important.

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