Raised amongst wealth and poverty, Marvin's life was destined to be unlike most young Black men.

Born in Dallas, TX, Marvin D. Woodard spent his grade school years living between Dallas and San Jose, CA.

Although an excellent student and athlete, Marvin's life off campus consisted of running the streets and struggling to find his identity. During his senior year of high school, Marvin's life was for ever altered when his fascination with life on the streets landed him in a court room fighting for his freedom. Faced with the possiblity of a prison sentence, the overloaded court system of California gave him a second chance. Marvin returned to Dallas where he graduated from Kimball High School.

After returning to California, and working various jobs, including pursuing music management, Marvin discovered a hidden passion for writing and design, which led to his current career as a UX Strategist.

Back in Texas, Marvin now resides with his wife and 2 daughters.